Automated Technology Migration

Where innovative solutions helps the technology transfer needs
such as migrating existing code to new platform or
upgrading the code for deprecated libraries


What's so unique about ReflectCode?

Reuse - Recycle - Repurpose

We provide complete source-to-source migration which covers
conversion of language, SDK API, libraries and other files (Assets, XML, Layouts etc)

We do not add any new layer of abstraction 
resulting in pure native app with best quality and performance 

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Current offerings to accelerate app development

Android to iOS migration of entire Android studio project to semantically equivalent Xcode project for iOS resulting in saving the cost and time

Focused on upgrading existing android source code as technology advances and old libraries gets deprecated by better solutions

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What CEOs and Developers think about ReflectCode ?

Case Study



"Anyone can code for iOS or android. What makes ReflectCode great is its attention to detail.
We have an app that was being used by thousands of doctors across the United States. But, it was very old Objective C code and we needed to add enhancements to it to match the Android App.

So instead of working on Obj-C project, ReflectCode converted the latest Android code to Swift.
The app was upgraded to very easy to maintain Swift Language
More over no re-training was required, because the app worked exactly as the old version
Along with this we add many new features.

Based on our experience, we would highly recommend ReflectCode for any app project you have, whether it is getting it up to speed on the latest technologies or starting from scratch."

- Carl Silva, Chief Scientist/CEO of Sphinx Medical Technologies 


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