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Automated source code transformation service leveraging AI + ML technologies

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ReflectCode leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to generate value addition and technology migration from existing source code.

Currently focusing on porting Android studio project into semantically equivalent Xcode project for iOS, which can be directly compiled to iOS App.

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How ReflectCode is different?

- Reuse - Recycle - Repurpose - 

ReflectCode provides source-to-source translation

No new layer of Graphics, Layout engine or Rendering engine

API from source code is translated into APIs in target platform

No overhead, No performance degradation, Pure Native

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What developers think about ReflectCode ?

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Overview about service

Overview about porting for various types of files in a Android project

Digital Assets Transformation demo


Supported areas

1. Assets (jpg, .png, .9.png) to "Assets.xcassets" 
2. Mipmap images to “.appiconset”
3. Color xml to “.colorset”
4. Shape xml to PDF format in asset catalog
5. Vector xml files to Swift Code (CAShapeLayer) 
6. Animation xml file
7. Port UI Layout xml files to storyboard file
8. Java POJO classes to Swift
9. Classes from JDK and Android SDK
10. External Lib - Glide, Retrofit, ButterKnife
11. PDF report of porting coverage


We are working to add support for

1. Resource xml files 
3. More Android SDK classes
4. More External Libs
5. Vector Animation xml


Our plans to add support in near future

1. Kotlin Language for Android
2. Android JetPack
3. Android Layout to SwiftUI
4. Lagacy .storyboard to SwiftUI
4. Test case generation 

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Project Demo

Screenshot of sample projects available on GitHub

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Benefits of using RC

As compared to other development tools, RC comes with unique benefits

No new technology

You work with standard
techlology and tools 
Android (Android Studio, Java) 
iOS (xCode, Swift, Storyboard)

No dependency

Assurance that your product is not affected, if third party tool is out of business or if their license, terms
are changed against you


No Limitations

You are free to add any new
control / library to converted project.
No lowest common denominator restriction  

Save efforts

You save efforts and time required for manual porting the code from source project. 

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BETA Program

RC can transform all the files from Android Studio project into Xcode project for iOS.
Though basic framework covers all types of files, there are few classes / controls which are yet to be supported.

With this infrastructure in place, we are launching BETA version. 

In BETA version, we will provide porting service for complete app.
During porting any new classes / controls used in your app, we will add its support and then deliver the final iOS code. 
In this case, the delivery time may get extented by few weeks

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Plans and Pricing

RC use very simple Pay-Per-Use pricing model
Each plan starts with base price and for each statement transformed 1¢ USD (USD 0.01) will be charged

Digital Asset

$ 10 + 1¢/statement
  • Porting of all the images and vector xml
  • Images = 15 stm
  • .9.png = 25 stm
  • Color res = 10 stm
  • PDF file = Count of "android:" attributes
  • Vector xml = LOC of generated Swift code

User Interface

$ 0 + 1¢/stm
  • Digital Asset +
  • xml for Layout and Menu
  • This service is provided as Beta for all UI files 
  • Support for new UI controls will be added before final delivery.

Complete Project

$ 0 + 1¢/stm
  • Digital Asset + UI +
  • entire Android Project 
  • This service is provided as Beta for all files
  • BETA mean we will add support for all classes used in your app before final deliver
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