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Automated source code migration service

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Migration of entire Android project to equivalent Xcode project for iPhone

Quickly migrate all files such as Kotlin, Java, Layout, Resources to accelerate your development

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How A2iOS is different?

Reuse - Recycle - Repurpose

Migration covers all files in Android project

No new layer of Graphics, Layout engine or Rendering engine

API from source code is migrated to APIs in target platform

No overhead, No performance degradation, Pure Native

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Benefits of using A2iOS

No new technology

You work with standard technology and tools 
Android (Android Studio, Java) 
iOS (Xcode, Swift, Storyboard)

No dependency

Assurance that your product is not affected, if third party tool is out of business or if their license, terms  are changed against you


No Limitations

You are free to add any new
control / library to converted project.
No lowest common denominator restriction  

Save efforts

You save efforts and time required for manual porting the code from source project. 

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Digital Assets Transformation demo


Supported features

> Project using Java & Kotlin
> Assets (jpg, .png, .9.png) to "Assets.xcassets" 
> Resource xml (Color, Shape, Vector and Animation)
> UI Layout xml, material design
> Libs - Glide, Retrofit, ButterKnife, FireBase, Shimmer
> Payment - PayUMoney, RazorPay
PDF report of porting coverage
> 600+ classes supported from Android SDK and JDK

** Get estimation for your project in a day at no cost


We are working to add support for

> More Android SDK classes
> More External Libs
> Vector Animation xml


Our plans to add support in near future

> Android Jetpack Compose to SwiftUI
> Lagacy storyboard to SwiftUI
> Test case generation 

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An app used nationwide by doctors that integrate with electronic medical records to handle patient calls.



A performance data platform for digital publishers

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Demo Projects

Download the Android & iOS projects from GitHub

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Estimation and Pricing

For automated migration we use very simple Pay-Per-Use pricing model and charge 1¢/statement transformed successfully

Steps for project estimation



With our automated estimation process, you can quickly get the tentative efforts required for migration and coverage that can be achieved.
Estimation tool analyze the dependency and LOC of Android project and generates detailed estimation report. No need to share the code.
Download the PDF for steps to export dependencies


Coverage Analysis

A2iOS is capable of migrating entire Android project and supports 500+ frequently used classes and various 3rd party libs
However, Android ecosystem is huge and project may be using the class / lib which is not yet supported
For any new class / libs identified, we can add its support, after evaluating its feasibility
In this step we evaluate the feasibility of using ReflectCode in terms of coverage and manual efforts involved


Code Inspection and clean-up

With our past experience, we have identified few areas which may create problem in conversion process
eg. duplicate IDs in layout xml, use of deprecated libraries
In this step we will analyze and identify the need for refactoring the code for smooth conversion



Analyze the outcome of above steps and arrive at plan for code migration

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Thanks for your interest in using services provided by ReflectCode. The best way to get started is to send an email with details about your project and your requirement. Here is email template for you.

Sample android projects along with the iOS project ported using RC are available on GitHub, you can download them and check how porting is done.

For estimation there is no need to share the code
For actual migration you need to share your code.
All the IP rights for your code will remain with you. Your code will be safe with us and once porting is completed, all files will be securely deleted from our system. NDA will be signed for code safety.

Yes, before starting with migration, we can provide high level information about the code coverage and tentative cost. For this we need project dependencies and LOC. Based on this our system generates detailed report of coverage and project cost.
Download the PDF for steps to export dependencies from your Android studio project.

We are using statement based estimation rather than LOC based because we wanted our estimation process which does not depend on physical lines in source code file or depends on language used. We wanted the estimation process which uses the actual logic in the file. Check out the LOC problem.

Please feel free to contact us at  

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