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CallMyDoc™ is an app that can integrate with electronic medical records including NextGen®, Athenahealth® , Allscripts® and other electronic health records

It is currently being used by hundreds of doctors in 34 states to handle 300,000 patient calls a month. It is mission critical and requires it to work out of the gate all the time.


• Doctors can respond by texting, using templates, recording audio

• Sends calls with the patient's chart to the doctor's iPhone

• Schedules patients by itself when they call in

• Unlock app using Face ID / Touch ID

• Lab results can be printed within app

• Send a refill or prescription in under 30 seconds

• Schedule an appointment for the patient in under 10 seconds

CallMyDoc UI Navigation Flow


A2iOS converted the android app source code to xcode project

– 367 Project files (168 Java classes, 50 Layouts, 149 Resources)
– 48k Lines of code (28.5k Java, 8.6k Layouts, 9.5k Resources)
– 97% Conversion done
– New classes (MediaPlayer, MediaRecorder, FragmentManager, RemoteMessage, NumberPicker, ToggleButton, ExpandableListView)  
Google Playstore , App Store


A2A+ migrated deprecated Butter Knife to View Binding

– 178 files scanned and 36 files modified
– 1360 instances of ButterKnife migrated and replaced with view binding code


New feature added after conversion 

- Biometric authentication
- Printing patient lab report

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"Anyone can code for iOS or android. What makes ReflectCode great is its attention to detail. We have an app that was being used by thousands of doctors across the United States. But, it was very old Objective C code and we needed to add enhancements to it to match the Android App.

So instead of working on Obj-C project, ReflectCode converted the latest Android code to Swift. The app was upgraded to very easy to maintain Swift Language. More over no re-training was required, because the app worked exactly as the old version. Along with this we add many new features.

Based on our experience, we would highly recommend ReflectCode for any app project you have, whether it is getting it up to speed on the latest technologies or starting from scratch."
- Carl Silva, Chief Scientist/CEO of Sphinx Medical Technologies 

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Android vs iPhone

UI Comparison

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