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About RC

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Reflect Code Technologies (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. (ReflectCode / RC) is a corporation registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. ReflectCode’s value proposition is based on both Technology innovation and a new Business model.

ReflectCode is recognized by StartupIndia. This recognition is awarded to companies working towards development or improvement of a product, process or service and/or have scalable business model with high potential for creation of wealth & employment.


Technology innovation
Our logo gives good idea about our innovation 
• Curly bracket indicates the scope of functionality
• The binary string indicates the code
• The triangle with “RC” inside indicates recycle / reuse   

We are source code reuse expert, generating value addition from existing source code.  Few examples of value addition -  

  • Test case generation
  • Digital Assets conversion
  • Statistical information
  • DSL transformation
  • Source code porting

Business model innovation

On business model front we are bringing unique pay-per-use metered service where there will not be any subscription or license fees. Instead we will charge our customer only the amount of work done.

What makes our heart beat?

Software engineering principle says "Don't repeat yourself".

We believe that this DRY principle need not be limited to source code only, it can be extended to complete project. We see this as a disruptive technology with very high value proposition, and it can transform the software engineering process 


Our current focus is to develop unique automated source code transformation system to port Android project into Xcode project for iOS.
Our efforts till date have resulted in the transformation system which gives us consistent output and is scalable. Our test android projects consist of more than 5,000 statements for various type of assets which RC can transform this to iOS app within few minutes. Please check our sample projects on GitHub 

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How RC works ?

RC transformation engine internally uses various compiler components techniques such as pre-processor, scanner, tokenizer, and syntax analyser along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

ML technology gives RC an unsupervised self learning capability, which is used to build the Knowledge Base (KB) for entire source code. KB is an organized collection of meta data about all classes, their relations and class members in a source project. This project specific KB is built for each project and discarded once the transformation is complete. The transformation engine also contains platform SDK knowledge base which contains information about both Android / iOS platforms and 3rd party libraries.

With both Knowledge Base ready, engine then invokes the next part ReflectCode Expert System (RES).
RES is our Artificial Intelligence core, which performs the actual transformation using its extensive inference rules. It contains different set of rules for xml files and Java source code. The end result is –
    1) Android layout transformed into pixel perfect iOS storyboard
    2) Java code transformed into semantically equivalent Swift code
    3) Android assets transformed into Xcode asset catalog

RES also contains special rules to transform the features which are not available in iOS SDK and in few cases it uses wrapper classes. The ReflectCode Expert System (RES) have boundaries, which is limited by its inference rules. If it encounters any code which is not present in its rules, then it applies generic rules. Sometime it works, sometime does not and you may get compiler error for this.

For porting digital assets RC use open source tools such as ImageMagick and Inkscape.
Our aim is to make sure that output looks like iOS Xcode project and make use of actual iOS classes. RC preserves the signature of user defined classes and variables declared in your project making the generated code a true reflection of source code.

Seems unbelievable? Have a look at our sample projects on GitHub.

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