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Target API level

Requirements for Google Play apps

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Google's Play store requirement for Target API Level will impact app's -
1) Ability to publish and 2) Visibility of app on store

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Ability to publish App

Within 1 year of a major release, app must comply to its API Level to publish new app or update existing app.

e.g. Android-13 is released on August 2022. After 32 Aug 2023 - 
* To publish new app, it must comply to Android-13
* To publish new version it must upgrade to Android-13
In case of non compliance, you cannot publish and eventually get out of market due to visibility requirement !!!

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App visibility on store

Within 2 years, if app does not comply then it will not be available on PlayStore for new users.

e.g. Android-12 is released in 2021. After 31 Aug 2023, all the apps which do not target Android-12 will not be visible to Android-12+ devices
Note: Even direct link to app does not work
In case of non compliance, your app is not available to more than half (55%) of the world.

Note: Current market share of Android-12 is 20% and Android-13 is 35%

Exceptions -

* This requirement apply to new installations only.  

* Users who have already installed the app will not face any problem 

* No problem for Apps distributed as private internal distribution 

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How to check for compliant

  1. Source code - In android project open the 'build.gradle' file and check if it contains 'targetSdkVersion 33'. Any value less than 33 is a problem.
  2. Run on emulator which is created using Android-13. (You may need to download new image and create new virtual device)
  3. Easiest way is to check on device running on Android-13  e.g. Samsung Galaxy S23, Google Pixel 8 Pro.  Here is the list of phones running on Android-13
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General steps required to make your app Android-13 compliant


Configuration changes

Need to update various configuration in project files such as AndroidManifest.xml, Gradle, build.gradle,


Gradle build system

Gradle build system needs to be upgraded to latest version


Upgrade 3rd party libs

Some 3rd party libs may need to updated to its latest versions. Some examples -  
* androidx.biometric:biometric


Code changes

* FirebaseMessaging : API is changed so need code changes
* Source code needs update to request for runtime permission
* Remove use of non-SDK interfaces if used

Note : This it is provided just to give you high level idea about changes required. 

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You can find list of devices running on Android-13 here

Please refer to this page on statista to get latest details of market share of various android versions. 

Yes ReactNative applications will also need to comply to this requirement.
Apart from generic steps provided above, RN app may need additional steps.  

Absolutely not, its just a generic list of task provided to give you high level idea.
The changes required for each project will varies based on the functionality provided and use of 3rd party libs. Please contact us in case you need more details.

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