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Thanks for your interest in using services provided by ReflectCode. The best way to get started is to send an email with details about your project and your requirement. Here is email template for you. Also check our Terms of Use that apply to our services.

Sample android projects along with the iOS project ported using RC are available on GitHub, you can download them and check how porting is done.

Yes for porting you need to share your code.
All the IP rights for your code will remain with you. Your code will be safe with us and once porting is completed, all files will be securely deleted from our system. NDA Agreement will be signed for code safety.

The base price for each plan is to be paid in advance. The price computed after porting as per 1¢/statement will be communicated and should be paid with final delivery. We accept payment through PayPal and direct wire transfer.

We are using statement based estimation rather than LOC based because we wanted our estimation process which does not depend on physical lines in source code file or depends on language used. We wanted the estimation process which uses the actual logic in the file. Check out the LOC problem.

The transformation process is completely automated and it gets completed in few minutes / hrs depending on project size.
However, RC service is evolving and hence we are investing some time to review the generated code. You can expect few days of turn around time to deliver the ported code.

Please feel free to contact us at support@reflectcode.com.
Also please subscribe to my twitter handle to get updates on new development in RC 

You can find the criteria to be considered eligible for DPIIT startup recognition on their website.

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